“iQron´s Must-Knows”

Generators for high electricity yields:

-Brushless (multipolar)

-Corrosion protection through anodic coating

-Cooling fins on aluminium housing

-Air circulation in rotor

-Low rotation speeds compared to blade diameters

A wind turbine is efficient when it constantly achieves the highest possible performance.

Usually, small wind turbines reach their nominal output at approx. 11 m/s, which already lies in the strong wind range. That´s why, for most sites, the performance curve for normal or weak wind ranges really counts. In order to achieve a rapidly rising output curve, a finely adjusted interplay between blade design, generator construction and electronic settings of the voltage-regulating components is required.

The iQron small wind turbine has a proprietary electronic controller on board which enables the blades to get up to optimum speed rapidly during light wind phases. Following that, the 2-part wind tracking system keeps the generator constantly and precisely in the wind. Thus, the iQron achieves a high yield even in light and normal winds. And if only a light wind blows at your site, we enlarge the blade diameter with a simple adapter and adjust the system parameters accordingly!

Generator type: S1

Design Brushless (multipolar)
Corrosion protection Anodic coating
Temperature operating class A 105°
Winding/ execution class F 155°
External temperatures -40 °C to +60 °C
Voltage (winding) 3-phase rotary AC, synchronous
Voltage (generator) C via power electronics
Starting voltage 96 volts at 50 rpm
Nominal output 5000 watts at 300 rpm
Cooling system Cooling fins on aluminium housing, air circulation in rotor, inlet and outlet openings

We give our product indeed wings:

-Hollow chamber blades made from GRP

-STALL-regulated, aerodynamic blade profile

-Suitable for light wind areas (from 2 m/s)

-Rough blade surface for greater effectivity

-Extendible with adapters for light wind areas

A wind turbine is efficient when energy is quickly generated from light winds, i.e. when the blades begin to rotate as quickly as possible and the generator builds up an operating voltage immediately.

The primary brake for quick start-up are the so-called “detent points”. The alternating arrangement of magnetic fields required for power generation in the generator (north/south-south/north) causes opposing fields which brake the generator. This braking force has to be overcome first of all.

The iQron wind turbine consists of an innovative generator design that virtually eliminates the detent points while simultaneously using strong magnets. This means that the iQron wind turbine starts at a speed of 2 m/s and, with its first rotation, already generates a starting voltage for electronics such as voltage regulators, inverters and charge regulators (e.g. 48 volts DC/AC or 96 volts DC/AC).

Hollow chamber blades made from GFK

Alignment Horizontal
Rotation Direction Clockwise
Blade length 2,14 m (optional: 30 cm adapter per blade for light winds)
Diameter 4,56 m,  5,16 m (light winds)
Wind surface 16,35 m² ,  20,94 m²  (light winds)
Starting wind 2 m/s
Nominal wind 11 m/s
Noise emission 35 dB(A) –  (5m)
Start rotational speed 50 rpm
Nominal rotational speed 300 rpm

“The wind doesn´t give you an invoice”

Less cable and lower installation costs:


The investment in a small wind turbine includes not only the turbine itself, but also the electronic peripheral devices, such as voltage regulator, inverter, dump load and battery, as well as the costs for the installation (foundations, mast and cable). While the latter can only be properly calculated after an on-site visit, the peripheral devices are now standard equipment with the corresponding price transparency. Depending on location and device supplier, these costs can make the investment in a small wind turbine immediately unprofitable. iQron provides you pre-calculated peripheral devices perfectly adjusted to your system. Furthermore, iQron wind turbines already contain both, “voltage regulator” and “dumpload”, right ONBOARD. These both devices do not have to be additionally ordered and paid for!

“Quality is our main word “

For more safety and quality

A 5-year guarantee!


All individual parts of the iQron wind turbine are explicitly designed for the use in our small wind turbine and were manufactured industrially under DIN: ISO 9001-certified production in Germany.

What is the iQron app for?

Generate your own power and keep an eye on things from the comfort of your couch! With the iQron app!

Our maintenance-free complete system offers system-integral IP65 and a vibration-protected sensor system with GSM module. This guarantees remote monitoring of your system around the clock and you can react to critical parameters immediately.