Intelligent Return on Nature:


Through iQron, we are developing sustainable technologies on an international level to offer ecofriendly solutions for energy generation. The innovation force and continuous further development of our small wind turbines offer the perfect solution for any small consumer. iQron is your competent partner for environmentally-friendly small wind turbines, right at your site. From evaluation of the wind condition, the service for the complete purchase and up to the commissioning, you enjoy comprehensive support for the best customer satisfaction.

Move away from state power generators and bring light into the darkness in case of a blackout!

Innovativ – qualitativ – iQron!


We set trends:


Series production is not yet a common subject in the small wind turbine sector – iQron sets new production trends towards lowering the investment. Depending on location and device supplier, additional costs can make the investment in a small wind turbine immediately unprofitable. Our iQron wind turbines already contain both, “voltage regulator” and “dumpload”, right ONBOARD. These devices do not have to be additionally ordered and paid!

So, iQron does not only ensure excellent operational safety of the system but it also does not burn a hole in your wallet…


Amortisation calculation

iQron 5 kW system in a medium-strength wind area

Calculation factors:

System output:  5 kW

Total investment: €13,000
(without installation, incl. 10 m mast & inverter)

Capacity factor:  17%

Energy yield per year: 7,446 kW/h

External power price: €0.28

Maintenance costs: €0.00

Own consumption: 100%

Amortisation in years: 6,23 years


System performance in kW x capacity factor x hrs/year = Annual yield

5 x 017 x 8760 = 7,446 kWh


Annual yield x power price = Annual saving

7,446 kWh x €0.28 = €2,085


Investment ÷ annual saving = Amortisation in years

€13,000 ÷ €2,085 = 6,23 years


Statistically, a 4-person household consumes approx. 4,500 kWh of electrical energy per year.

To operate the small wind turbine in an economically reasonable manner, the external energy costs, system performance, location, hub height and wind potential must be borne in mind. An infeed is only useful if the payback is greater than the power price. In most cases, it is better to use the power for yourself.

*Diagram: Example of wind hours
Power generation: Approx. 7,400 kWh per year

According to data from international wind power associations, a percentage part of the system performance relating to the annual wind potential can be used for energy generation. The measures for yield determination of the kWh each year is: Rated output of the system x capacity factor of the wind.

-Light wind areas: 10-12 % (5,200 kWh per year)

-Medium-strength wind areas: 15-17 % (7,400 kWh per year)

-High-strength wind areas: 27-29 % (13,000 kWh per year)

*Diagram: Example of wind hours
Power generation: Approx. 7,400 kWh per year

Intelligent Return on Nature