iQRON // ProduCt details


  • Brushless (high polarity)
  • Corrosion protection due to anodized coating
  • Cooling fins on aluminum housing
  • Air circulation on rotor
  • Low-speed rotor

A wind turbine is efficient if it constantly achieves the highest possible output.

Usually, small wind turbines reach their rated power at about 12 m/s, which is already in the strong wind range. Therefore, the power curve for the normal wind range of the site is decisive for the yield efficiency. In order to achieve a rapidly rising power curve, a finely tuned interaction between blade design, generator structure and electronic adjustment of the voltage regulating components is necessary.

iQRON uses a proprietary parameterization in the device that allows the blades to ramp up to the optimum very quickly during low wind phases. Subsequently, the optimized wind tracking keeps the generator constantly and precisely in the wind. In this way, iQRON ensures high-yield operation even in low and normal winds.

And if you only have low winds, we can increase the blade diameter with a simple adapter and adjust the system parameters accordingly!


Design brushless (high polarity)
Corrosion protection Eloxal coating
Temperature operating class A 105°
Winding/design class F 155°
Outdoor temperatures -40°C to +60°C
Voltage (winding) 3-phase AC synchronous
System integration AC (ON-Grid capable) or DC via power electronics as required
Starting voltage 96 volts at 50 rpm
Rated power 5000 watts at 300 rpm
Cooling system cooling fins on aluminum housing, air circulation in rotor, inlet and outlet vents


  • Hollow chamber wing made of GRP
  • STALL-regulated, aerodynamic wing design
  • Suitable for low winds (wind speeds from 3 m/s)
  • Adapter for wing extension and/or adjustment of pitch angle for low wind areas

A wind turbine is efficient when energy is generated quickly from low wind forces, i.e. when the blades start to rotate as quickly as possible and the generator builds up an operating voltage as quickly as possible.

The main brake for the fast start-up are the so-called "rest points". The alternating magnet arrangement in the generator (north/south - south/north), which is necessary for power generation, causes opposing fields which brake the generator. This braking force must first be overcome.

iQRON incorporates an innovative generator design that virtually eliminates the detent points while simultaneously using strong magnets. Thus, the iQron wind turbine starts from 2 m/s and generates with its first rotation already a starting voltage for electronics such as voltage regulator, inverter and charge controller (e.g. 48 volts DC/AC or 96 volts DC/AC). 


Orientation Horizontal
Direction of rotation Clockwise
Wing length 2.14 m (optional: adapter 30 cm per wing for low wind)
Diameter 4.56 m / 5.16 m (low wind)
Starting wind 2 m/s
Nominal wind 11 m/s
Noise emission 35 db(A) - (5m)
Start speed 50 rpm
Rated speed 300 rpm